Noodles and Company and Elevation Burger – Restaurant Review

by  Tori Caulfield

We all enjoy getting together with friends or family and going out to eat every once in a while. Or what about going out with your sports team for a quick yummy meal after a big game?

One of the new restaurants that has just opened in the fantastic brand new Market Square shopping center that has got the whole town of Walkersville talking is the delicious and outrageous Noodles & Company. What’s better than having a restaurant with such great pasta dishes to choose from!?

Freshman Hayley Petruzello says “I’d eat there everyday if I could! The food is REALLY good!” I’ve heard many peoples favorite meals but one freshman student Luisa Bowersox says “My favorite meal is the Wisconsin Mac & Cheese; I highly recommend this meal if you like mac & cheese at all!” Based on this I’d say trying this dish is a must!

Another new student favorite that has become popular to our community is Elevation Burger. Another place to eat great food and hang out with your friends or family! Burgers, salads, fries, shakes, and ice cream! All of these wonderful things are what makes this restaurant a hit and most certainly drives our students’ eyes towards it! Freshman Effie Faoro’s thoughts on the new place are “It’s a very organic place to eat and has great milkshakes.” What a great statement to highlight the great features of this place!

After a long busy day of school, work, or sports games / practices there is always so many places to choose from to grab a mouth watering, tummy filling, and excellent meal to enjoy!