Senior Week

by Kerri Wells
I’m sure were all familiar with senior week, beach week, a week of do whatever you want with out mom or dad nagging you saying “I think you should stay in for the night” or “nah I don’t want you driving here”.
After plenty of saving, seniors are only a little under two short months away from taking on ocean city. “[its a] week of freedom” says Anthony Lightner. Seniors Katie Gross and Brandi Umburger are staying in a cottage with 6 of their best friends including themselves, they’re excited for “beachy things with all [our] best friends.”
Lots of kids have had the help of funding from their parents, others like Bobby Maccracken, CJ walters and Julie Lesko are off to fend on their own.

Bobby says “I’m paying for it on my own [and i] started saving today…..not kidding.”
Bobby also tells us he is ready “to get wet and wild.” He is carpooling to OC with a few of his roomies for the week “cause [hes] ecofriendly.” Which is what most others are doing.
Though the majority are going to Ocean City for this crazy week of pure belligerence and fun, some have completely different plans in store.
Andrea Gough and her best friend Grace Stankus have been saving up since mid-senior year to go to Europe for a week.
Andrea says “I feel like every week in ocean city is senior week [so I’m not missing out]”. Rather than Christmas gifts, she told her parents to give her money for Europe.
Sending their little babies off to senior week is a risky and scary thing for parents to face; Like Danni Medovich said “My mom is letting me but my dad doesn’t know I’m going.”
It’s like a big ole celebration for your transformation from high school years to independence and freedom.College is right around the corner, where mom washing your clothes and making you dinner doesn’t exist. Lets wish all the seniors a big be safe, have fun, don’t be stupid and a kind reminder to give mother an update every day or five so she doesn’t worry TOO too much!