DSC_0023a - sisters hug
Heartwarming Reunion Between Student and Soldier

DSC_0023a - sisters hug

by Isabella Reese

The Silver family is finally reunited after the long awaited return of Casey Silver, National Guard. Madison Silver was sitting in her government class on Thursday, August 22nd, unsuspicious that her sister had arrived home from Afghanistan and was in the building as government teacher Jamie Skena began to explain what had happened in the civil war.

Madison Silver was led to believe, along with her classmates, that there was only a guest speaker coming in when administration began to trickle into the room, when it was in fact her older sister, Casey Silver, who had come to surprise her and other students. “Mrs. Skena hid the surprise really well! I had absolutely no idea that my sister was coming.”

Arriving home a week early, Madison’s sister walked into the room along with their parents to surprise her sister. “You said you were going to be home a week later!” Madison said to her sister when she realized what had happened. “A ‘welcome home’ would be nice.” Casey said back. Silver jumped out of her seat, ran over and wrapped her arms around her sister who had been gone for nine months.

“We’re very close, yes. Even though we’re half-sisters and she’s six years older, we’re still close and I missed her a lot,” Silver said.

The heartwarming reunion was followed by a “get out of school free” card for Madison, and sushi as a late lunch for the family. “I don’t really like sushi, but I ate it just for her. I took one for the team,” Madison said with a laugh. Madison’s sister is expected to be deployed again in about a year, which means they have a year to spend with each other after being apart for so long.