Key Club
All Walkersville Students Encouraged to Join a Club

Key ClubWalkersville High School offers 27 clubs to students. Beth Duffy, Assistant Principal at WHS, encourages students to join clubs and to take part in the school.

“Students who partake in extra-curricular activities, such as clubs, earn better grades in their academic classes,” said Duffy. The main goal for Duffy is to make sure every single student at Walkersville is involved in a club.

“I never want a student at Walkersville to feel like there is nothing for them here,” said Duffy.  Duffy is always open to requests for new clubs. All that is required is: the purpose of the club, a brief description of the club, and a teacher who is willing to advise it.

Students can sign up for clubs for remainder of this week. There is a designated table for sign-up sheets in the commons by the guidance office. Clubs will meet during flex on the club days. There are a variety of clubs to choose from.  Students are highly encouraged to get involved in clubs.