Boothe Reflects on Teaching Math and Giving Back


Whether you had him for Geometry, Contemporary Math, Algebra, or Statistics and Probability, Chris Boothe has taught it all. Going on his eighteenth year of teaching, Boothe has always enjoyed his job.

“I’ve always been good at math,” Boothe said. “ Plus, I was involved with a church group and one big thing they always encouraged was to give back. So, I guess that’s what made me want to become a teacher more than anything.” Boothe has taught at many different schools with loads of experience. Very few fail his upbeat and fun class.

“I had him for Stats and Prob,” Senior Christine Peifer said. “I got an A in that class. He’s really personal and helped those who were in need. He just taught the material in an easy way to understand.” Students enjoy Boothe’s class, not only because he teaches the material well, but because he makes learning fun. According to The Washington Post’s ‘The Answer Sheet,’( when adolescents are engaged and having fun, learning becomes easy and natural, and that’s exactly what Boothe does!

“One of the funniest moments I think I’ve ever had teaching was when a pen exploded in my mouth. The only [bad] part was that I was wearing new clothes. I had to teach the rest of the day with pen all over me,” Boothe said. Boothe is definitely one of the favorites in Walkersville High School. He’s a teacher that will make you laugh and enjoys seeing his students happy.