zombie run
Calucag Trains for Zombie Run

zombie runby Kellie Greer

April Calucag, a freshman at Walkersville High School, is training for the 5K Zombie Run at Crumland Farms in November.

“I’m doing the zombie run because it seems like a fun healthy way to be a part of my community,” said Calucag. Right now April has a mile time of seven minutes and hopes to be able to finish the 5K with a time under 25 minutes.

“I jog and run every day and do the occasional curl ups,” said Calucag. April stays motivated to run by looking at pictures of fit people online to inspire her to keep going.

“I always see pictures of really healthy people on Instagram and their captions always talk about how happy they are with their lives and exercising helped them so much.” said Calucag. She hopes that even after the Zombie run is over she will still continue to stay motivated to exercise.