Dillon Papier
Dillon Papier’s Heroic Fight



Through ups and downs for eleven years, Dillon Papier has proved how strong a boy can be. Whether in school, on the baseball field, or at another doctors’ appointment Dillon keeps fighting such a rare disease with his chin up and head held high.

Dillon Papier, a student at Centerville Elementary and the son of social studies teacher Mark Papier was diagnosed with Niemman-Pick Type C. A disease commonly misdiagnosed and ignored. This illness has only 500 cases throughout the United States.

NPTC has numerous symptoms including, loss of muscle control, deterioration of speech, seizures, and progressive neurological and intellectual decline, even death. NPTC regrettably is always fatal, many diagnosed children never even making it past the age of ten.

Dillon just celebrated his eleventh birthday! Proving doctors wrong, this brave boy hasn’t given in yet. Dillon is a smart and bright boy. He plays the drums with the school band and orchestra and is a very big fan of baseball. With knowing the owner of the Baltimore Orioles, friends had given Dillon and his family the experience of his dreams. From walking on the field, to sitting in the team dug out.

This “Orphan disease” has gotten no government attention or funding due to its lack of cases, but it is not looked over. Three foundations have been formed to bring NPTC to the eyes of the public. The National Niemman-Pick Disease Foundation Inc. is one of those foundations that raise money for researching a cure that may come to stop this disease and save lives.

It’s not just baseball season that Dillon has to look forward to either; his family and him make the trip to a yearly conference along with over 300 other families. Not to mourn but to celebrate, inform, and educate others about NPTC. Niemman-Pick Type C, bringing people together in a tightly knit family to fight for a cure.

Though his battle isn’t over Dillon continues to bring smiles to many faces in Frederick County. He is to endure a week drug trial of a newly developed drug, inserting it through the spinal fluid. He’s not alone and is in the thoughts and prayers of many friends and family.

For more information about Dillon, Niemman-Pick Type C, or upcoming fundraisers visit Dillon’s website!