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Fabulous Food at Great Frederick Fair

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by Claris Gandionko

The Great Frederick Fair always has great rides, animals, games, and everyone’s favorite: food! This year people from all around the county came together to enjoy all these great aspects.

With a food stand on almost every corner you turn, there were so many delicious choices to choose from; funnel cakes, hot dogs, Chinese food, ribs, fried Oreos, beef sandwiches, burgers, caramel apples, snow cones, and so much more!

We asked students what they ate at the fair and this is what they had to say; “I had ribs, it was so delicious I had to have seconds! I was so full, I couldn’t even ride the rides,” Gage Robertson, junior.

From seafood to comfort food, to snacks and fried food, the choices were almost endless at the fair. “I ate chicken tenders, and afterwards I had a funnel cake for dessert. It was so good,” said Faith Warner, senior.

Other Frederick residents also enjoyed the fair food including Jacob Noffsinger, “I got a sliced beef sandwich with coleslaw and fries at Hemp’s Market; it was so good I had it two times out of all the good choices there. Once, I even stood in line for twenty-seven minutes just to get my sandwich.”

“I went to JB’s Seafood for dinner and ordered the fried shrimp. It was really yummy, although I had to stand in line forever but it was worth it,” said Chelsea Umberger.