Girls Soccer Team Has Double Overtime Thriller with Frederick

by Sam Newmanwebsite-template-webgraphics-soccer-ball-logo20

On Thursday, September 19th the Walkersville Lions faced off against the Frederick Cadets in double overtime thriller in girls’ soccer. The result of the 100-minute match was a tie.

Defensive efforts from both teams caused the game to be scoreless at half. When asked what the Lions could improve on, Assistant Coach Katie Angleberger said “We need a goal if we want to win, so our shots. We need to take more shots and we need to take them soon.”

The first goal of the game was scored by Walkersville’s Eliza Mummert with 27:32 left in regulation. Three minutes later, Walkersville stopped two indirect free kicks in a row. These were key stops, and they kept the momentum on Walkersville’s side. With 18:42 left in regulation, Frederick was able to score with a penalty kick from #3. Time expired with a score of 1-1, and the game went into overtime.

At the end of regulation, the student section stuck around. A member of Walkersville’s student section, John Jozwiak, said “I think we are playing well out there; a lot of hard work is being put into it. Student section has been pretty live, and all around we’re doing pretty great.”

The first overtime period consisted of multiple shots on goal, but none were successful. The score remained 1-1. The second overtime period was also uneventful because of effective defense by both teams. The game ended in a draw.

After the game, Walkersville head coach, David Jacobson said, “I think what’s nice is the girls are disappointed with a tie.  Last year they beat us, this year we tied. They expected to win.” When asked what the team can improve on, Jacobson said “Clearly we need to improve finishing in the upper third. We need to get more shots on goal. Just more shots.”