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Keleher Shares Fond Memories of College

keleher 2by Cate Tauriello

            The English department of WHS has some interesting stories to tell. In particular, Christine Keleher is an English and Creative Writing teacher who has fond memories of her time teaching.

“I don’t think before I became a teacher I could prepare myself for the type of role that I play in my students’ lives,” says Keleher. “I come here and I teach every day, but there are some situations that I deal with as a teacher that they don’t prepare you for… just being able to have any kind of support for my students feels interesting.”

Keleher also can relate to the students of WHS. “My brain does not function at all when it comes to math.” She also mentioned she had trouble as a college student when it came to studying, “My freshman year of college I was taking an English class and I had gotten a ‘D’ and I had never gotten anything below a ‘C’… I called my dad and he asked if I was studying and I blanked because I wasn’t.”

Keleher is glad to be a part of the WHS English department and can’t wait for future years of teaching.