Lion’s Pride Sports Team Fearlessly Predicts Superbowl Winner!

NFL_LogoFootball season is just around the corner. Fans are dusting off their jerseys, preparing their grills, and adding a fresh layer of paint to their picket fences. Last night, the season kicked off. The Baltimore Ravens were champions, but who will take the title this year?

Each member of our sports staff has a different opinion regarding who will win the Super Bowl this season.

Maddi Borison, sports editor says, “The Seattle Seahawks will win. Russel Wilson’s sophomore slump will not exist. In Wilson’s backfield, Marshawn Lynch will be key in redzone plays. Receivers Golden Tate and Sidney Rice will be Wilson’s go-to guys this season.” Borison says, “Not only does cornerback Richard Sherman talk the talk, he will walk the walk as well. Sherman will also help lead the defense all the way this year. And of course, receiver Percy Harvin will be beneficial late in the season.”

I predict that the Denver Broncos will win. I say that Peyton Manning will be completely settled in and comfortable with his team in Denver. The Broncos defense will be able to step up and make plays. Of course, weapons like Wes Welker and Dominique Rogers-Cromartie can’t hurt.

Sam Newman, assistant sports editor, predicts that the Minnesota Vikings will bring home the Lombardi Trophy. “The addition of possession receiver Greg Jennings will make up for the loss of Percy Harvin. If starting quarterback Christian Ponder struggles, Matt Cassels can be subbed in and do just as well, if not better. Having a good starting quarterback will be essential to the Viking’s success.”

Regardless of who wins the Super Bowl this year, it will be an exciting season to watch.