Franklin ice cream 2
Principal Franklin Hands Out Ice Cream Rewards to Students at Lunch

Franklin ice creamFranklin ice cream 2by Eric Janis

Today during all lunch shifts, Principal Tracey Franklin handed out free ice cream to all the students.

“[It has been] a great first four weeks… we appreciate the good behavior,” said Franklin. “It’s about building relationships… and we’re going to reward you.”

Franklin has been so impressed with our student body the last month. Since today is the first home game she thought today would be a good day to celebrate with a treat for the students.

“[The students] have given their absolute best and shown the administration respect,” said Franklin. “The dress code and behavior has gotten so much better, and that’s impressive.”

All of the students today were very excited. During the second lunch shift, the students broke out in applause and a “L-I-O-N-S” chant.