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Sony PS4 Most Popular Gaming System for Walkersville Students

features - xbox

by Mark Anderson

According to a WHS poll taken by a sample of 150 students, the Sony PS4 is the most popular next generation gaming system coming soon to the market.

5% of students surveyed said that they do not play video games. Louis Bell, junior said that he “doesn’t care for video games.”

43% said that they will get Microsoft’s new Xbox One. While the other 52% chose PS4, making it the most favorable new system. Both systems are expected to release in November, just before the holiday shopping surge. “Xbox has a stupid policy on sharing games. PS4 focuses on gaming, while Xbox One focuses on entertainment,” said Jon Sandoval, senior.

When Microsoft and Sony both first unveiled their consoles, most tech-smart people were siding with the PS4 because of the sheer power of the device. Microsoft retaliated with increasing the clock speed of the Xbox One. The clock speed is the speed of the data and graphics that are processed in the consoles CPU.

The most noticeable difference, the one that most PS4 fans are talking about, is the graphics processor. PS4 clocked in their processing speed at 1.84 trillion operations per second (teraflops). Xbox One only hits about 1.3 teraflops, even after the recent bump up in speed.

The secret is that the added push to either system won’t make a difference for most games that come out for both consoles. Game developers tend to appeal to the lowest common denominator of the two systems. So even if the PS4 has the extra bump, it won’t be able to use the extra power unless it is exclusive PS4 content. If Microsoft’s system becomes the lowest common denominator in speed, the game studios will release cross-platform games that look basically identical anyways.