Stelma Named Top Teacher at WHS in Student Poll


by Mark Anderson

Everybody remembers who their favorite teacher was. They were the person who cared, who went the extra mile, and who made a positive impact on our lives. So, the Lions Pride team wanted to see what our fellow students at Walkersville thought should be voted the title, Best Teacher at WHS.

289 students were polled at random and tallied up for each teacher. The results were surprisingly scattered quite evenly for the majority of the teachers. There were even three votes for our school custodian of over 20 years, Phil Bittner.

At the end of the count we have come up with our top three. In third place is John VanBloem, English and Media Literacy teacher with 9.3% of the vote. In second place is Christine Keleher, also an English teacher with 9.6%. And finally, in first place, and the most favorable teacher of WHS goes to Regina Stelma.

Stelma has been teaching for thirteen years now. She teaches tech education and business management courses for WHS along side running all of the prom preparations. When asked how she felt about winning she replied with a joke. “Wow… Was it fixed? Did you stuff the ballot box?” she laughed. “It was cool. I feel honored, happy, and glad that my students chose me.”

To Stelma, being a good teacher entails listening to your students and being there, caring for your students in addition to teaching them something that will prepare them to be successful. “That’s what we want. We want everyone to be a success and accept who you are.”

I asked her if there were any types of students she enjoys teaching the most. She laughed and said, “The bad ones!” She went on to say, “The kind that no one else wants to teach. They are challenging and if I break through to them it’s a great feeling. Sometimes it’s the bad ones that are overlooked. It’s easy to teach a smart kid; I like the challenge.”

The last question of the interview was who she thought should have won if she wasn’t included in the competition. “Oh! I would’ve loved to see Lep win… He’s my idol” She was referring to Jason Lepeonka, social studies teacher. He was also high up in the tally of votes in fifth place with 8.3% of the vote just one vote behind Earl Hartwig, the third English teacher in the top five.