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Two Sets of Triplets Enter Walkersville High

by Madison Borisontriplets photo

In Walkersville High School’s class of 2017, there are two sets of triplets. This is incredibly rare, but Walkersville has it! The triplets are the Youngs and the Thebaus.

The chance of having two boys and one girl is 37.5% ( and both sets of triplets are just that. The Youngs are Seth, Brooke, and Dylan. The Thebaus are Brian, Jack, and Molly.

The Youngs were born by in vitro fertilization. Their mother originally wanted quintuplets (five babies). Seth is the oldest triplet and also the shortest. Brooke is the middle triplet. Dylan is the youngest and the tallest.

“I don’t have a sister and it gets pretty boring,” said Brooke Young. “[Brothers] are mainly annoying.” Brooke even switched out of a class to not be with one of her brothers.

“Sometimes, [my siblings] get on my nerves… but they share, and that’s cool,” said Dylan.

Molly Thebau also said, “[Brothers] can be annoying but it’s nice to have other people at home.”

Brian Thebau enjoys the luxury of having siblings to turn the bad attention on.  The Thebaus said they rarely spend time together. The oldest triplet is Brian, then Jack, and Molly is the youngest.