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Walkersville Curfew Impacts WHS Students

news - curfew 2by Miranda Stambler

Don’t be caught out past curfew! Not only do you have to worry about your household curfew, but the town has one too! Since September 12th, 1979, Walkersville has tried to protect minors from the dark.

A curfew of 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday, and extended hours 12:00 midnight to 6:00 a.m. is enforced in the Walkersville area.  Friday and Saturday is enforced for all those under eighteen years of age.

A minor cannot wander around by any means of transportation without a clear destination or legal guardian. Between these hours businesses are not permitted protect minors from the curfew.

A police official is authorized to ask any minor they see out past curfew for their name and address; once doing so they must inform the child being out past curfew and have them immediately proceed home. If the underage child fails to proceed as directed the officer has every right to accompany the child home.

Repeated violations will find the parent or legal guardian unlawful.

Various Walkersville High School students were asked their opinion on what the town curfew should be. Alexis Vasquez said, “No curfew. It should be up to the parents.”

While another Walkersville student, Danae Hurt, said 10 p.m. should be the curfew limit so the minor is “not out super late.”

Demi Colbert said, “12:00, because everything happens at midnight.”

Other students believe in having freedom like Jade Joseph who said there “shouldn’t be one [curfew]. Cause if you want to go out, you should go out.”

The next time you’re out late at night make sure you make it home by curfew!