Walkersville Graduates Give Advice, Reflect on New Experiences

by Cate Tauriello

            WHS graduates of 2012 are going returning to college for their sophomore year, and by now they know the ins and outs of life out on their own.

“My favorite part: it’s easier to make friends,” says Audrey Johnson, a sophomore majoring in English and Secondary Education at the University of Maryland, College Park. “You have no reputation and no one expects you to be anything, so you can be whoever you want. There will always be people who accept you for just who you are.” Johnson also mentioned that high school students shouldn’t take sleep for granted. “Sleep time is precious time. There’s always something going on.”

Logan Pope, a sophomore majoring in Theatre at York College in Pennsylvania says, “My favorite thing is the independence. Being responsible for myself and not relying on my parents.” And like most food lovers, you have to find the best dining hall food you can get. Pope says, “My school has really good burritos so that’s cool too.”

“I love the diversity at UMBC. I have learned so much about the world we live in based upon the stories and backgrounds of the people I have met here. I also love my academic department and how supportive the faculty [is] at UMBC,” says senior at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Jennie Williams who majors in American Studies and minors in Sociology. “I’ve learned how to be independent and how to open up to new experiences, but I also realized how important it is to appreciate where you came from and how to be true to yourself. Confidence is one of the most important qualities and you should always be working it.”

Williams also has some advice for high school students. “In high school, it can be hard to fit in, absolutely, but it is likely that you have known your peers in high school since your childhood. In college, you are among a brand new community of people and the first year is your chance to make an impression… I guarantee if you show off your genuine self, with all of your beautiful and off-beat interests, you will find a group of friends out of the 10,000 or 30,000 undergrad students somewhere on campus who will match your style.”

Whether you’re just starting your freshman year or thanking the heavens you don’t have to go back, make sure your school has the best burritos.