front entrance
WHS to Get New Front Entrance By January

front entrance

by Jared Eyler

A change in appearance is headed for Walkersville High school. Principal Tracey Franklin predicts that a new vestibule will be installed before sometime in January. It will encompass the front office, and will extend the front entrance by 15-20 ft.

“The buzzer system was only phase one,” said Franklin. Due to past tragedies occurring in school systems such as Sandy Hook or the Virginia Tech shooting, the federal government has declared a mandate to increase security in public schools. Walkersville’s first step was the new door system, requiring every person to buzz in after the doors have been locked. And now, with this new addition to our school, students will be even safer.

Not only that, but the vestibule will provide shelter from the cold or rain for students who arrive at school before 6:55am. As a mother of two, Franklin shares her opinion saying, “Personally I think it’s (the vestibule) a good thing… this is long overdue.” She also plans on adding benches and possibly a mat displaying Lion pride to the give the front entrance that special Walkersville touch.

Students can look forward to the new entrance, and feeling that much safer when coming to school, around winter break.