Bowers an English Teacher and a Performing Musician

by Grainne McCormick

Teacher at WHS, Jessica Bowers, is not only an English teacher, but a musician! Singing and playing since she was a kid, Bowers is balancing her teaching career and her musical career one step at a time.

“I do all types of music. Since I was a kid, I’ve been a folk singer, and I sing in a blues band,” says Bowers. “I play guitar and I sing,” she says when asked about what instruments she plays.

When Bowers was twelve years old she got her first guitar, and taught herself how to play it, “I started writing songs then,” she says. “I’ve always been in chorus since I was young,” She attended University of Maryland College Park and played at a lot of coffee houses and events going on during college. “I took guitar lessons in college to improve, and to be able to write and play a different range of songs.”

“I usually perform all over Frederick. I perform at Coffee Co., the Church Street Pub, and [I’ve performed] on Market Street on First Saturday,” says Bowers. “Usually at little bars and little nooks around the area.” If you’re ever in downtown Frederick keep an eye out for her!

“I kind of slowed down a little bit when I got into my career as a teacher,” she says. “But once I got into teaching I joined a blues band, picked up my guitar again, and started playing.”

To students who want to become a musician, Bowers has some advice for you! “You should be playing as much as you can, and collaborating with as many people as you can because you learn a lot that way,” she says, “Play out as much as you can, there’s open mics on Tuesday nights at the Frederick Coffee Co. downtown, and it’s really fun!”

Whether you want to be a teacher, or a musician, Bowers is proof that you can do both! You can do what you want while still doing something that you love on the side!