opinions - coke v pepsi
Coke or Pepsi? The Debate Rages On

opinions - coke v pepsiby Stephanie Gamble

Almost everyone enjoys quenching their thirst with a good old soft drink. The question is, which to choose. There’s Sprite, Root Beer, Cream Soda, Mello Yellow, Mountain Dew, and of course the classics, Coke or Pepsi.

People, who have tasted both of these classic soft drinks, know there is a slight difference. Although they do have the same color and same appearance, Coke and Pepsi are by far two different drinks.  When asked what the flavor difference is, Demi Colbert, junior, said, “I think Pepsi is smoother than coke.”

However, Moly Updegraff, junior, said “I like Coke because it tastes better and the commercials are a lot cooler too.” It seems that most people prefer the taste of Coke to the taste of Pepsi, but are they really that much different? It seems that Coke is always leading the way, and Pepsi just kind of follows, doing the exact same thing Coke does but with a different name and brand.  Rachel Spicer, junior, says to her there is a small difference. “Coke is bitterer, but I like it better,” Spicer said.

Whether it’s Coke or Pepsi, everyone has a preference. Personally I’ll go with Coke because I grew up with the taste, and who doesn’t love a good polar bear commercial?