features - curious iguana
Curious Iguana a Great Addition to Downtown Frederick

features - curious iguanaby Isabella Reese

The Curious Iguana, located on North Market Street, is a brand new independent, specialty book store to downtown Frederick, and offers a variety of books that focuses on global awareness.

“Our Creed: We are passionate about people and their stories. We think our neighbors aren’t just the people who live next door. We’re pretty sure curiosity never killed any cats. We believe differences don’t have to divide. We think minds work best when they’re open. We know that where we shop and what we buy really does matter. We believe the best is yet to come.” (Marlene England, co-owner of Curious Iguana)

Opening this past summer, Curious Iguana was established as a Benefit Corporation and opened as a non-profit organization that “connects people through lending to alleviate poverty around the globe” and has been a great addition to the Downtown Frederick Area since it opened its doors.

“The store’s very friendly, and there’s a lot of culture in just a small store,” said senior, Tim Laxton about what he thought of the new store.

“I haven’t been [to The Curious Iguana] before. I’ll have to go there soon!” said junior, Ryan Robert.

In a town that’s already renowned for its history and style, The Curious Iguana is a great addition to the area and will serve those who shop there for years to come!