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Envirothon Club Planning On Winning States

features - faibishby Rayann Routzahn

Walkersville High School students show their love for the environment by taking part in the Envirothon team. Susan Faibisch, biology and AP environmental science teacher takes pride in leading this club.

Envirothon is a nationwide competition based on five environmental topics: forestry, wildlife, soils, aquatics, and local sustainable farming (agriculture). Walkersville students will be attending the county competition in the spring. Students work in groups of 3-5, completing 30-40 minute tests. These tests are taken outside and are based on hands on experimentation. Each of the five categories has specific tools that the student should be able to use, and use correctly.

“We have won counties the last three years, and placed fifth in states the last three years,” said Faibisch. There are four returning students to Envirothon club. They are known as the “A Team” according to Faibisch. “We plan on winning states again this year,” said Faibisch.

“I like Envirothon club because I get to work with friends and learn about the outdoors,” said senior Matt Marker.

Among Marker, a returning club member, the team consists of Chris England, Karina Keefe, and Karla Coffey. They all agree that Envirothon club is a great way to get involved and learn things about the environment.