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Fabulous Frozen Yogurt at Yogi Castle

features - yogi castleby Grainne McCormick

Everyone loves a good bowl of ice cream every now and then (or every night). But, what about frozen yogurt? A variety of flavors and toppings are offered with the soft-ice cream at Yogi Castle, and everyone seems to be in love.

Yogi Castle has numerous dispensers of all different flavors of frozen yogurt. Ranging from chocolate and peanut butter, to strawberry, cake batter, and red velvet, the choices are endless. The toppings are even more amazing. From different candies like chocolates, jelly beans, or even chocolate covered pretzels, to fruit slices or a dash of sprinkles, not to mention the different flavored syrups, you could have all of the toppings in the world.

“I always get vanilla and chocolate, with strawberries and chocolate syrup,” says Molly Spillman, sixteen year old Yogi Castle customer.

“I like the fruity flavors. I always get strawberry, with a little bit of New York cheesecake and rainbow sprinkles. It’s the best,” says Gabriela Portillo, sixteen year old Yogi Castle customer.

What do the students of Walkersville High think of Yogi Castle’s frozen yogurt?

“My favorite flavor has to be cookies and cream,” Braina D’Alessio, junior, tells me. Her friend Katie Johnson, junior, says “I love the tart flavor. It’s sweet and sour, but the perfect amount of each!”

Good ‘ol Phil Bittner, the famous Walkersville High janitor, says “Chocolate with Reese’s and chocolate sprinkles. Yum!” he chuckles.

A tradition talked about amongst students is going to Chipotle, eating there, and then going to Yogi for an awesome dessert. If you’re ever eating Chipotle, don’t forget to stop for Yogi!

If you’re ever passing by Yogi Castle in Frederick, or any other place in Maryland, don’t pass up the opportunity to stop and get some delicious frozen yogurt. You won’t regret it!