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Lumberjack Day a Walkersville Tradition and a Huge Success

by Isabella Reese

Ah, Lumberjack Day. A Walkersville tradition, Lumberjack day is celebrated only at Walkersville.

Principal Tracey Franklin said, “Actually, during my first year at Oakdale, I had a ton of kids ask me to do Lumberjack Day because Walkersville did it,” she explains. “The kids have been respectful and I’m all for events like this that unify the students and give a good sense of community, as long as they don’t make the day harder for staff and custodians.”

A student produced day, Lumberjack Day has been celebrated for longer than many students can remember and always excites students. Junior, Elizabeth Knight, said “Oh, I love [lumberjack day]! It’s the best spirit day.”

And for some seniors, it can be one of their last unique celebrations. “I think it’s an excellent way for students to show spirit in addition to just being a fun day for others to enjoy,” said senior, Joel Roberson.

With the anticipation of Lumberjack Day each year, this tradition doesn’t seem to have a chance of dying out and will continue for many more years.