Prisoners a Confusing Film with a Shocking Ending

by Miranda Stamblerprisoners-movie-1

What would you do to get your little girl back? In the movie Prisoners, Thanksgiving takes a dark turn when six year old Anna and her friend, Joy are nowhere to be found.

Prisoners begins with an old RV parking by Joy’s house, leading the families to believe that the car took the children and left. Keller Dover, father of Anna, played by Hugh Jackman, decides to take the law in his hands once the driver of the RV, Alex Jones played by Paul Dano, is found, but due to lack of evidence the police have to release him. Meanwhile, Detective Loki, Jake Gyllenhaal, is trying to find the two girls, and goes through many suspects to find them.

On Sunday September 29th, I saw Prisoners, expecting something completely different from what it was. I expected a scary movie from seeing the previews, yet it did bring a creepy feeling; overall it brought suspense to a whole new level.

The movie was unexpectedly long, being 2 hours and 33 minutes; it seemed to drag out the story in parts, yet others I was perfectly content with the time.

Most of the movie seemed to be gory. I found myself squirming in my seat, almost screaming at the screen.

This movie is not what it seems; throughout the movie you do not know who to be rooting for, as I wanted to feel for Keller Dover, but at times it felt wrong. “Watching the movie, we behold Keller’s actions and feel that they may be horribly unjustified — a daring place for a film to put its hero,” says Owen Gleiberman, from Entertainment Weekly.

Prisoners ended with a huge cliffhanger leaving myself to sit there screaming “what, why, no!” at the screen.

The movie becomes a state of confusion wondering who is culprit, with all of the suspects making you believe and doubt who it is. The shocking reveal left people speechless.

Who took the girls? The kidnapper comes out of nowhere stunning the audience as we watched the mystery take a turn that no one thought would come. Rex Reed, from The New York Observer, said “You don’t know who the fiend is until the last dark and mordant scene unfolds…”

Most critics love this movie giving 80, 90, and even 100s as a rating for the overall movie. However not everyone loved the movie, “Torn between making sense and arguing that the world itself makes no sense,” said Amy Nicholson, from The Village Voice.

The movie does become a puzzle and somehow everything pieces together. I find myself still untangling the story and understanding why this happened or why that person was involved.

If you love gore, suspense, and unexpected tears, this is the perfect drama for you. I recommend seeing Prisoners; it kept me at the end of my seat leaving me frustrated we did not get an ending — the cliffhanger will keep me questioning what would happen after that.