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Sowerbrower Teaches with a Sympathetic Ear for Her Students

features - bre - sowerbrowerby Bryana Diggs                     

Jessica Sowerbrower has been here at Walkersville for eleven years. She is a health and physical education teacher, co-advisor for graduation, volleyball coach for ten years, and she said she is,” a sympathetic ear for her students.”

When Sowerbrower was younger, she wanted to be a lawyer. Before she became a teacher, she worked in a law office as a paralegal. When asked why she wanted to become a teacher, she answered, “There’s a genetic defect in my family: we’re all teachers,” Sowerbrower has an amazing sense of humor, as you can tell.

She decided to teach at Walkersville to be closer to her family. I asked Sowerbrower what her favorite thing was about working at a school; she said, “The crazy children — no two are alike.”

In her free time, Sowerbrower likes to be with friends, travel, and hangout by spending time with her closest friends and family. “I like to do stuff very similar to what you guys do,” said Sowerbrower.

Sowerbrower added, “I love this school and this community. The people that work in this school have become my family,” Sowerbrower is an amazing person and has made such a huge impact on her student’s lives. She is someone her students can go to, to talk about everything without being judged.