WHS Students Visit 2013 Expo Business Trade Show

by Tabitha Turvin

September 24th at Westview Corporate Center, the 2013 Expo Business Trade Show was held. This is the second year that our Walkersville students were able to go. The expo consisted of 11,000 plus business members in the Frederick County area. Walkersville took sixty Intro to Business and CDR (Consumer Research Development) students to the expo.

“I believe this is a good place for the students to go, to learn about businesses.  I wanted them to have a chance to talk to the owners about their businesses and starting their own. Surprisingly there are many students in the school that want to start their own business,” said Regina Stelma. Stelma was one of four teachers who went to the expo with the Walkersville students. She said, “It was a good opportunity for businesses to show what they have available.”

Tiffany Auman, junior, went with the Walkersville students to the expo. She said, “It was a good opportunity to be able to go; it was very fun.” She also said she wanted to be a chef and watching all the cooking seminars was an advantage to her. When asking Tiffany if she would go back she quickly answered “Yes.”

“It gives you an opportunity to meet other businesses and to learn about the business world,” said Jordan McLane. He took part in the 2013 Business Expo with the culinary students at CTC. They handed out food, talked about what they made and the culinary portion of CTC.  When asking Jordan if he’d do it again, he said “Yes, I actually am doing it again.”

The Walkersville students really enjoyed being able to go back to the Business Expo this year. Everyone enjoyed it, and said it was an amazing opportunity to learn about businesses.