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Bobby Stacey Enjoys Football and Track

features -jessic -  bobbyby Jessica Shea

Walkersville is full of many amazing, funny, and inspiring characters: guys, girls, teachers, administrators, and janitors.

Bobby Stacey, a junior at WHS, is one of our varsity football players and track stars. He is excited for track to get started.  He has been attending Walkersville schools for six years. “My favorite thing about Walkersville is all the people and my friends that go here,” Stacey comments.

“I want to go to a good four year college after high school and get a good job.  I don’t know what I exactly want to do but I want to go in the direction of a science career,” Stacey says.

Most of Stacey’s friends say he is very funny. “He is very happy, witty, and eccentric” junior James Shea adds. Shea and Stacey hang out often and play video and computer games together.

One of Stacey’s fellow team mates junior Kyle Lindberg says “He’s a good kid and he is very funny.”

Another junior Brandon Ridgley says Stacey has a great sense of humor.

Always take time out of your day to meet a new friend! We are all interesting and have our own stories.