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Camilla Brunet Is a WHS Junior You Should Know

features - camillaby Amanda Davis

1,140 students attend Walkersville High School. The wide variety of all the students is what makes Walkersville High School unique

Camilla Brunet, a junior at Walkersville High School, has been attending Walkersville for almost eleven years.

“My favorite part about school is probably seeing all my friends.” Brunet said.

Brunet’s favorite subject is math. But, whether she’s in or out of school her all-time favorite thing to do is play sports.

“I love playing sports; it doesn’t matter which ones, I like them all,” Brunet said. “Softball’s probably my favorite. I’ve been playing for nine years.”

Brunet’s not only close with her family, but her friends too.

“My closest friend is probably Emily Sandoval,” Brunet said. “We’re two peas in a pod!”

She and Sandoval are very close; they’re constantly sharing good jokes, funny stories, and having a good laugh together.

You never know what the person next to you is interested in. Go, meet new people and get to know the students in Walkersville!