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Fox Island Trip Educational and Fun

news - fox islandby Rayann Routzahn

Another Fox Island trip has come and gone. Science teacher Susan Faibisich and Transition Education teacher Barry Burch took a group of students to the island to learn about the Chesapeake Bay and its value.

“My favorite thing we did while we were at Fox Island was the boat rides because it was something that we couldn’t do if we were sitting at school.” said Corryn Meadows, Senior.

“Captain Larry, the boat, was the best part of Fox Island.” said Dalton White, Senior. “Marshmucking was fun too!” said White.

“I chose to go on the Fox Island trip because it is my senior year and I wanted to experience it. I had a lot of fun.” said senior Zack Horner.

Fox Island is a great experience! More students should take advantage of this awesome opportunity to learn about the Bay and also have a ton of fun.