dance 3
Homecoming Music a Hit with Students

dance 3by Sasha Mazikins

The DJ at WHS’s homecoming was DJ Hanner. Some of the fast songs played were Cha Cha Slide, Show Out, Don’t Drop That Thun Thun Thun, Pour It Up, and Shots. The slow songs played at the dance were A Thousand Years, When I Was Your Man, and Skinny Love.

“My favorite song that they played was Skinny Love; it was so sweet,” said Christine Keleher.

Skinny Love was the song that they played during the Homecoming King and Queen slow dance. Homecoming King, Ben Gaffigan, and Homecoming Queen, Karina Keefe slow danced in the middle of the floor while the rest of the students surrounded them.

“My favorite song was 23 by Wiz Khalifa. Whenever he said ‘Jays on my feet’ I just pointed to my feet laughing because I was wearing Jordans,” said Kiyan Sheraz, junior. 23 also features Miley Cyrus, and Juicy J.

This year students in charge of SGA went around the school, and asked students what songs they wanted to hear at the dance. This year’s playlist also had some of the Great Gatsby soundtrack to go along with the theme.

“The Cha Cha Slide was my favorite song because even the shyer people come together and dance. It’s fun to have everyone do the same dance; it feels like a flash mob,” said Kelsey McClung, junior. From rap to pop to slow indie/alternative, R&B, and Great Gatsby, Walkersville Homecoming 2013 had it all.