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Homecoming Pep Rally Filled with Pies, Cheers and Excited Students

pep rally 2pep rally 1pep rally 4pep rally 5by Cate Tauriello

On Friday, November 1st, Walkersville High held their annual pep rally in anticipation for homecoming weekend. The event was full of pies, basketballs, and all of the fall sports teams.

Among the participants in the pie throwing event, Naomi Friend got to pie a friend and teacher, Chris Boothe. “I think it’s hilarious he didn’t even technically sign up to get pied, and that out of all 700 kids in our school I just happened to be the one to do it.” Friend said that she has “always dreamed about this day.”

“I think Naomi is one of five or six people that probably deserve to pie me in the face after knowing me for about four solid years now. It actually didn’t make me that upset; I was actually kind of happy which I know sounds strange when you’re talking about getting pied in the face,” said Boothe.

Christine Keleher, supervisor of SGA and the organizer of the pep rally said that her favorite part was “teachers getting pied in the face because it wasn’t me and it was funny. The teachers running down with the swim caps and the goggles were cool too. They didn’t even tell us [pep rally organizers] that they were going to do that and I thought that was so funny. I think it was Mrs. [Susan] Pardo’s idea.”

Jason Lininger, assistant principal of WHS, said “It was a great event to help build school spirit,” Lininger was also chosen to participate in the pie throwing competition and was paired up with co-worker and friend, Beth Duffy. “I didn’t actually like being pied in the face,” he joked.

The event was started with a routine from Walkersville’s cheerleaders and ended with the cheerleaders leading the students in the “Everybody Rumble” chant. Homecoming court announcements for each grade were also announced, and games ranged from balloon tossing to free throw competitions to pies. Whether you were sitting on the sidelines, or at the top of the cheerleader’s pyramid, this year’s homecoming pep rally was a huge success!