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Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sub Shop Opens In Clemson’s Corner

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by Nick McCombs

Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwich shop is a new addition to Clemson Corner. It offers quality sandwiches and lightning fast service, but how does it stack up to competitors like Subway?

The atmosphere of the restaurant is great. It is clean, spread out, and the music is good. Signs and other decorations on the wall add character and make it more than just a bland sandwich shop. This is the perfect place to come with your buddies on a Friday night. The employees were friendly, skilled, and fast. My sandwich was ready before I even sat down at my table.

The food was very fresh. I ordered their most popular item, the number nine, the Italian Nightclub, and it was great. They use fresh ingredients and it is definitely noticeable. The fact that you can actually see the meat slicers behind the counter demonstrates just how fresh the meat is. Even though the food is good quality, there is no “wow” factor. Nothing about my sandwich made me think that it was work the more than $6 I paid for it.

Jimmy John’s gourmet sandwich shop is good, not great. The atmosphere of the place is enough to make you question choosing delivery. If you are looking for a good sub and need it fast, this is the place to go.