shelby's drawing
Ninjas v. Pirates? Ninjas Would Strike Down the Pirates

by Jared Eylershelby's drawing

Ninjas beat pirates any day of the week. Anyone can see that assassin spies would take down a ship of drunken sailors with no problem. Ninjas are known for being stealthy, cunning, and merciless.

“Coming from ninjas, I know their use of stealth and karate are unmatchable to the skills of a pirate,” said junior Zack Parker. Pirates are lazy and usually drinking whiskey; there’s just no way they would be fast enough to defend against a sneak attack from a group of blood thirsty ninjas.
Ninjas are smart and try to remain hidden from their enemies, unlike pirates who go in guns blazing.  “I like to wear black a lot so I look like a ninja,” said junior Sydny Dudley.

Freshman Chase Bosley said, “Pirates are fat,” also another point that attributes to their slowness.

Ninjas also carry a plethora of weapons such as katanas, shurikens, and numchucks! Junior Johnny Haziel-Cobbina said, “Pirates only have stupid swords and cannons,” Pirates may be affective at long range, but guns are useless when you’re face to face with highly trained ninja ready to karate chop your neck in half.

Loot smuggling pirates will always be too concerned with having a good time and searching for lost treasure to ever stand against a disciplined ninja warrior in a fight. Ninjas will win 100% of the vote with a run in with a pirate.