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Senior Powderpuff Victory Fills Students with Pride

features - powderpuff 2features - powderpuff 1by Tori Caulfield

Once again, the senior girls take victory at this year’s “Powder Puff” football game with a score of 35-28.

“We did very well; everyone had a lot of fun and worked together,” said senior Jake Polce, who was one of the coaches for the senior girls team.

“We lost the game last year and we really wanted to get a win this year,” said senior Travis Rhodes, who was coaching as well.

The seniors are very proud of their win; the girls feel it’s great to have the victory considering it’s their senior year. “Seniors are supposed to win,” said senior Eliza Mummert.

With a lot of hard work, team support, and determination the seniors had no doubt of pulling out this victory. “We played all together last year as well, we worked hard and got touchdowns,” said senior Caitlyn Ray.

“We had great coaches and overall worked well together,” said Mummert.

Students enjoy participating in this yearly event, especially the seniors. Rhodes said “I’m gonna come back and try and see it again next year.”

Some seniors feel this will definitely be something that they will miss once they graduate. “It’s something fun outside of school to do to get everyone together,” said Mummert. “It’s a lot of fun and nice to help charity,” said senior Samantha Hudak.