features - fault in our stars
The Fault In Our Stars a Moving and Fun Novel

features - fault in our starsby Grainne McCormick

The wonderful author of Looking for Alaska and An Abundance of Katherines, John Green, has another book that will tug at you tears. The Fault in Our Stars, the title inspired by Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, tells a beautiful story narrated by sixteen year old Hazel Grace Lancaster and how she falls in love with Augustus Waters.

Sixteen year old cancer patient, Hazel Grace is forced to go to a support group by her parents at least once a week. At support group, she meets a seventeen year old boy named Augustus Waters, an amputee. The more they see each other and get to know each other, the more they fall for each other.

Hazel doesn’t want to fall for Augustus or have him fall for her because she feels like it might not end wall, considering she might not have much longer to live. She doesn’t want to break his heart. Augustus decides to read Hazel’s favorite book, “An Imperial Affliction,” after she tells him how amazing it is.

When they talk about the book—which is confusing to them because of the ending, and Hazel’s many attempts to contact the author Peter van Houten—Augustus emails his secretary and gets an immediate response.

Hazel and Augustus continue to keep contact with Peter van Houten and his secretary, and he invites them to his home in Amsterdam to discuss questions they have for the book. The only problem is, Hazel already used her wish from “The Genies” (a fictional ‘Make A Wish Foundation’), but Augustus hasn’t.

He uses it to fly himself, Hazel, and Hazel’s mother to Amsterdam so they can speak with Peter van Houten. They’re ecstatic, and the sparks between them fly in Amsterdam. They realize how much they love each other.

When they meet with Peter van Houten, their hopes and dreams of having their questions answered and discussing An Imperial Affliction with him are immediately crushed when they realize he is an isolated, sad alcoholic who can’t even think straight. They leave Amsterdam upset about the encounter with Peter van Houten, but happy about the time they got to spend together. After that…

Find out for yourself and read the book! If I went on anymore, I’d spoil it for you. So pick up a copy at the school library or Barnes and Noble and get reading! You might need a box of tissues, but you won’t be disappointed by this amazing novel.