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WHS Shares Favorite Wintertime Activities

features  - radio cityby Tori Caulfield

With the cold and snow of winter coming right around the corner, everyone is ready for the joys and fun activities winter brings!

Sophomore Abbie Mann shared that her favorite activity is snow tubing. “I’ve only gone once but I had a really good time and would love to do it again this year,” said Mann.

Walking through downtown Frederick and seeing all the spectacular and pretty lights everywhere was a favorite of sophomore Dannee Sichert. “It’s visually appealing and gets you in the holiday spirit,” said Sichert.

There’s nothing like sitting by a nice fire with a big cup of hot chocolate to warm you up and put your body to a relaxing state and sophomore Katie Walters couldn’t love anything more. “It makes me feel so warm and cozy,” said Walters.

One major key point about winter is the holiday cheer and spirit that starts to flow through the streets, schools, and homes of Walkersville. “I love to decorate my Christmas tree so I can spend time with my family,” said sophomore Kaitlin Smith.

Guidance secretary Kelley Ramsburg shared great details about her exciting trip she took with her family to New York City over the past weekend. “New York was all decorated beautifully for Christmas,” said Ramsburg. She had the wonderful opportunity to visit the Radio City Music Hall and the Rockefeller Center where she saw a wonderful show called the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular.

“It’s a very cool show to see; the live nativity scene with the animals and such was phenomenal,” said Ramsburg. Ramsburg highly encourages anyone to get a showing to see it! “It was very inspiring; it helped me get into the Christmas spirit,” said Ramsburg.

With all the wonderful activities that the Rockefeller Center has to offer such as ice skating, shopping on 5th Avenue (which Ramsburg said she enjoyed very much), carriage rides, the famous Christmas tree lighting and many more how could you not get into the holiday spirit!?