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Candy Cane Dash Educates About a Healthy Life Style

by Shelby Williams

Frederick County recently participated in their annual Candy Cane dash, a 5k run and supported by Girls on the Run, a group supporting young girls health and well-being, getting them not only to run but educating them on a healthier life style.

Girls on the Run continually get more and more schools to become involved in this program. An all-girls club ran by their own teachers. For a few weeks the girls train to prepare for the Candy Cane Dash at Baker Park all around Frederick.

“Girls on the run and the Candy Cane Dash were meaningful to me because it allowed me to share my love for running with my students and my daughter,” said Kim Ruefle, teacher and coach.

“The GOTR Candy Cane Dash 5k was an awesome event not only for the girls running, but their running buddies, the coaches, parents, and volunteers cheering each girl on. It was an amazing experience to see all the girls from over ten different schools come and run together,” said Jamie Bowers, teacher and coach.

Not only were the club members running, but locals joined as well. I witnessed a family push their mother who was in a wheel chair through the whole race, and a man who ran the whole race carrying an American Flag. Frederick is truly filled with the best of people.

“Girls on the Run was fun. We did all kinds of things not just for running. We did crafts, learned about healthy choices and also did a community project. I met new friends. The 5k was really fun! I liked running the race with both of my parents,” said Paige, a 5th grader at Walkersville Elementary.

“Girls on the Run was really fun. My favorite part was working up to the race. Race day was cold, crowded, and loud but really fun,” said Marissa, a 5th grader at Walkersville Elementary.

“I really enjoyed participating with the Girls on the Run. It was rewarding seeing them work so hard to reach their goal. Their smiles were priceless,” said Heather Green, teacher and coach.

This is such a wonderful opportunity for these girls; they worked hard and continue to work hard, wanting to stay healthy and many wanting to run another race. Nothing was more pleasing than seeing the smiles of each girl when they past the finished line, knowing they finished the goal they’ve worked so hard for. They deserve to hold their medals high and be proud to call themselves a Girl on the Run.