features - Chipotle
Chipotle the Mexican Restaurant of Choice for WHS Students

features - Chipotleby Annie Moreno

Walkersville High School Students take a vote between the two best Mexican food places in town, California Tortilla and Chipotle! There was a clear winner, and the competition was not even close.

Chipotle was the winning vote from WHS students. Students said why Chipotle is their favorite: “Chipotle is better because I like their corn, rice, and pork. It is so easy to pick out your food.” Nicole Mehring said Chipotle because “you can make any kind of combination you want.”

Jessica Eveler stated “Chipotle just all around tastes better.”

Tim Laxton said he likes California Tortilla better because “I am not a big fan of burritos, and California tortilla has really good quesadillas.” Another student stated that she liked California Tortilla better because she had never been to Chipotle before. Chipotle won the competition with 41 votes, and California Tortilla lost with five votes.

I believe that Chipotle tastes better, and it has more fresh food that is much healthier. Chipotle has healthier food options than California Tortilla does, and is faster to order from. I also like Chipotle better because it is right next to Yogi Castle so when you are done eating, you can go get some frozen yogurt. However, Chipotle is very filling and can make people feel sick sometimes, but other than that it is good.

Although Chipotle is better, I think that California Tortilla should not be forgotten because they have really great dipping sauce, hot sauce, quesadillas, and are right next to Coldstone Creamery. Chipotle has great quesadillas too, but California Tortilla cannot be forgotten for its great food as well.