Music Director Windy Schmidt Grew Up Professionally at WHS

by Bria Fisher

At Walkersville High, we have a music teacher that the students adore along with the teachers.

Windy Schmidt, music director at Walkersville High School said “I deal with all classes and activities that deal with music. I am also teaching Career Research Development Classes.

“I enjoyed my music classes throughout school. My dad played flute, my mother guitar, piano and sax[ophone]. All of my siblings played an instrument or was in the school chorus growing up. That’s really how I got into music,” said Schmidt.

I asked Schmidt why she became a teacher and she said “I went in as a music management major. After my first year, my band director changed me to Music Education without my knowledge. When I found out and asked, his reply was that I was too organized and bossy to be in management. Still doesn’t make sense but I enjoyed the psychology and pedagogy classes to switch back.”

Schmidt said, “I have been working at WHS for six and a half of my seven years working. My first job out of college was WHS. Two years ago, I was excessed to a .5 position. At that time, I worked at Catoctin High School as the music director with two musicals.”

Michaela Zeller, sophomore, said “She’s a great teacher, very supportive. She’s awesome.”

Alaina Schramm, senior, said “She’s a great teacher; as far as music goes, she’s the best.”

Emily Evans, sophomore, said “She is my favorite teacher.”

Kaitleen Borromeo, sophomore, said “She’s very wise for being as young as she is. She is very smart and she’s a great teacher.”

Mallory Donaghue, junior, said “She’s one of my favorite teachers because she’s so real and she’s not afraid to say what’s on her mind.”

Heather McFadden, drama director and English teacher at WHS said “Working with Mrs. Schmidt on the live musicals is an amazing opportunity and it gives a real experience for students.”

I asked Schmidt when she would retire and she said “Well, the system says I need to have up to 35 years of service. I came in at ‘07- ’08 school year so that would retire by 2042-’43 year. P.S., I’ll be 57 years old!”

Schmidt also says, “WHS is dear to me as it was my first year teaching job after college. I grew up professionally here. It is different than where I went to school in Baltimore. Overall, the students do well and have great goals for themselves.”