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Eight Pet Peeves On the Day of the Test

opinions - pet peevesby Alexis Black

We all have our little pet peeves about what some people do, but some can be harder to ignore than others, especially the day of a test. Its super annoying when these eight things are happening when I’m taking a test.

1)      The Person Chewing Gum Loudly

I swear on Katniss’s bow, if I hear you crack a bubble on the roof of your mouth once more, I will hurl my pencil at your forehead like it’s a target board.

2)      People Tapping Toes

I am not at your fourth grade dance recital, waiting anxiously for your tap routine to “Annie.” Unless you start singing about how the sun will come out tomorrow, I suggest you keep your feet planted on the ground.

3)      Yawning

We were all up till midnight studying for a test we had the next day. Yawning is contagious. If I catch you yawning, and the next person yawning, and the next and the next, I WILL EVENTUALLY START YAWNING and then my brain will lose oxygen and I’ll fail the test and it’ll be your entire fault. So just stifle it…please.

4)      Tapping Pencils

Like I said for the tapping toes, we are not in any kind of musical production.  Save it for the Stomp touring show.

5)      Not bringing a Pencil

C’mon dude. You had one job. Bring a #2 pencil to fill in the bubbles and write your essay. Don’t spend the five minutes before the test asking every single person in the room if they have an extra pencil, because we’ll all hate you for your unpreparedness and wish F’s upon you.

6)      Acting Super Cool Or Nonchalant

“Oh, yeah, we have a test today, don’t we? I didn’t study. I haven’t studied for any test and I’ve always gotten A’s. I’m going to be fine.” GOOD FOR YOU! I’m not sure when outright laziness became a trend, but it’s honestly, uglier than Crocs.

7)      People Talking Under Their Breath

I’m sorry you don’t know how to comprehend words when reading in your head, but the rest of us don’t need to hear the monologue while were trying to focus.

8)      Freaking Out Before A Test

“Oh my god, I’m totally going to fail, I definitely didn’t study enough, what am I going to do with my life, and I don’t even know how to flip burgers…” JUST STOP! We’re all having the same internal freak-out, but we’re polite enough not to verbalize it and get everyone else all worked up. So just bite your nails, stare at the clock, and concoct your backup life plan as a permanent McDonald’s employee like the rest of us.


Sophomore, Trinity Franklin said, “So true. The same things annoy me to. The one I think that gets me the angriest is #7 because it distracts me.”

Sophomore, Smruti Hariprakasha said, “Oh my god, yes! All these things happen while I’m taking some type of test and it is extremely annoying. The one that annoys me the most would be #5. The day of a test you really decide not to have a pencil, why?”

Sophomore, Rob Reilly said, “I agree with everything on this list even though I do some of them. The one that gets me most annoyed is definitely #2. People that stay tapping their toes need to stop.”

Sophomore, Stephanie Salazar said, “This list is so true. The one that annoys me most would be #6. While everyone is stressing this kind of person can be extra annoying.”

We’ve all done something on this list (including me) so for the sake of everyone’s’ sanity please remember next time you’re taking a test to think of thy neighbor and avoid doing the following as best as you can.