opinion - cate and summer
The Winter Holidays? No Thanks — I’ll Take Summer!

opinion - cate and summerby Cate Tauriello

As I sit here on my couch in front of the fireplace, a lot comes to mind. Winter is a time to stay warm, and I know a lot of us wish it was summer where we would try to stay cool while we got our tans and sun-bleached hair.

I remember summer as a series of water breaks and bottles of suntan lotion. With winter and the holiday season upon us, it’s hard to imagine a “next summer” already. Winter means holiday music, gift-giving, and a Starbucks here, there, everywhere. The sun goes down earlier and earlier, and we find ourselves going to bed earlier and earlier. We have hot foods like soup and hot chocolate instead of those tall, cool glasses of lemonade on the lawn chairs.

Okay, I’ll admit it. I miss summer. I miss the hot sand under my feet and the cool of the ocean, the afternoons that lasted forever, the boom of the fireworks on the fourth of July; I miss it all. Winter just makes me want to hibernate for the next five months. Of course, I’ll wake up in time for the holidays. But I can’t stand the bitter cold, the awful screech of scraping ice off the car, or waking up in pitch black only to find that it really is the morning.

I want summer back. With the recent snowstorm we had, people like me had to shovel a foot of snow and ice altogether which meant ice packs, hot chocolate, and Advil all afternoon. What is so fun about that? In the summer we could be sitting on the beach with a cool drink in our hands, crab dinners outside, and everything could smell like suntan lotion, lemonade, and sunburn. Who wouldn’t want that?

Winter means that we have to think about piling on the blankets, turning up the heat, and stocking up on milk, eggs, and bread during a snowstorm. It means we have to worry about flight cancellations, road conditions, and school closings.

Of course, there are the holidays and the globally celebrated New Year’s celebrations. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the holidays, but I’m glad they’re only once a year. Everyone says “I wish every day was Christmas”, but think of all the cookies Santa would go through, how many new gifts you’d have to find, and how many good movies would be in theaters.

So for these next frigid, bitterly cold months, take some time for yourself and sit in front of the fireplace to remind yourself that we are only 191 days away from the first day of summer: June 21st, 2014.