WHS Students Share Their Favorite Holiday Memories

by Emily Goins

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to decorate the Christmas tree and bake cookies. Radio stations are playing Christmas music, Christmas movies are on TV, every store you walk in is playing Christmas music, and houses are decorated with bright lights and different Christmas decorations.  Most will agree this holiday season approached fairly quickly.

Most importantly it’s a time when families can be together. Everyone has a favorite holiday memory, something to look back on and just the thought makes you smile or laugh. “One of my favorite holiday memories is playing in a toy castle with my cousins and having sword fights. Then my uncle came down with a mop on his head and started attacking the castle,” said Robert Krantz, junior.

Some may even have touching holiday memories like junior Kaitlyn Culpepper and senior Taylor Liddiard.  “My little brother was born right before Christmas. I remember opening my Christmas presents while holding him,” said Culpepper. “Dinner because some people don’t get to eat together as a family and we do,” said Liddiard.

Maybe you travel to spend time with family in other areas. “I go to Kentucky to visit with my grandmother and then go to my cousin’s house for Christmas dinner,” said Elizabeth Knight, junior. “I enjoy having my family come over for dinner…and singing Christmas carols,” said Hannah McWilliams, junior.

“I remember my grandfather dressing up as Santa,” said Bethany Clutter, sophomore. For me one of my favorite memories was going to my great grandmothers on Christmas Eve and singing her favorite Christmas carol, “Silent Night.” Cherish the time with your friends and family this holiday season because who knows, maybe a few years down the road those will be your favorite holiday memory.