Winter Cheerleading Team Doing More Stunts and Dances

by Sabrina Dirk

As the 2013-2014 winter sports season quickly comes into full gear, the Walkersville High School Cheerleaders get ready for what they hope to be an exciting new season.

“The season is actually going really well so far. We had a lot of new freshmen try out that we hadn’t had for football season,” said sophomore Haley Conley. The cheerleaders cheer for both girls and boys varsity home games. Some of the girls’ favorite parts involve stunting, and bus rides with the team.

“It’s going pretty well. My favorite part would definitely be meeting new people that tried out,” said junior Miranda Secula. “It’s pretty good. We’re doing a lot more stunts. I like the dances that we’re doing too” said freshmen Victoria Quickel.

The girls can’t wait to see where the season takes them and hope to cheer for some great games this year!