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Winter Choir, Guitar and Piano Concert Enjoyed By All

news - winter concert 1by Kellie Greer

On December 17th Windy Schmidt’s choir, guitar, and piano classes came together to do a performance to show off what they have learned so far in the class.

At the beginning of the year students started learning four songs. They have been practicing the songs for about a year. In the winter they put on a performance for their friends and family to come and see what they have learned.

Students got a taste of the preforming life by going up on stage in front of everyone with the spot light on them. Talk about pressure.

“I was freaking out the entire time,” Ellen Etchison, senior.

The concert featured multiple solo pianists playing songs from Alice in Wonderland to the Legend of Zelda theme song. There were also guitarists that usually played in groups of three with the exception of one girl, Claire Glenn, who is the first student to take guitar class all four years in high school.

“The show was wild and phenomenal,” says Naomi Friend, senior.

There were two songs in the show where all the students came on to the stage and sang together. The last song that was preformed was my favorite.  It was a mixture of two different pop song and Schmidt was beat boxing in the background.

“I’m very proud of my peers for pulling off a great show,” said Mallory Donaghue, junior.

All in all the show was a success. Every song had something special about it. You could tell the students were really enjoying themselves and learning a lot in their musical classes.

“Everyone did the best they could,” said Taylee Gray, senior.