How to Provide Good Customer Service as a Cashier

by Mark Anderson

Providing good customer service takes patience, self-control and the ability to listen. As a cashier, you have the ability to make a customer’s buying experience good or bad. You could be the reason why a customer decides that she will or will not continue to shop at your store. Many people take the cashier position for granted, but if you take a positive approach, you may find a satisfaction and appreciation for your job. Even if you are very shy, the more you use good customer service practices, the better you will become at them.

Step one is to greet the customer with a smile and a nice welcoming phrase or question such as, “Hey, how’re you doing today?” This breaks any awkward tension when dealing with a customer who is in a bad mood.

Step two is to ask the customer if she found what they were looking for. To many cashiers this is a token step, but to achieve excellent customer service, it is crucial. If the customer indicates that they found everything she was looking for, smile and move on to the rest of the transaction. If she did not find everything, ask if she would like assistance finding what she was looking for.

Step three is to ask if the customer has any preference as to how his items are to be bagged. In some cases, the customer may want to take the pack of gum or soda he bought with him instead of having to fish it out of a bag filled with other items.

The final step is for when the transaction is being completed. Ask the customer if there is anything else you can do for him. It only takes a moment to ask this question, but so few cashiers actually ask it. When they are leaving be sure to tell them any recent promotions or savings they have received and be sure to invite them back by saying something like, “See you next time!” or “Have a great night!”