Pardo an Inspiration to Students Past and Present

pardoby Stephanie Gamble

Walkersville is home to many wonderful and inspiring teachers. In the Physical Education department, Susan Pardo, has had a strong influence over her students.

Pardo teaches all the Aquatics and the Sports Medicine classes offered. Before she was a teacher she worked at Red Barn, then she worked at Community Medical Lab as a Phlebotomist, and she worked as a lifeguard. After graduating from college, she began working at Walkersville High school and has been here for 28 years.

When asked what her favorite thing about teaching is, Pardo said, “Watching the kids grow, learn and become different people and watch them work as a team.” She has many fond memories from teaching, and most involve when her students come back to see her. “One time I was called to the pool, and the pool was bubbling and white smoke was coming off. One of my aids had put five hundred pounds of dried ice in the pool thinking I would get upset. I laughed,” Pardo says, “Another time I was called and the pool was green and bubbling because a green flair had been put in. Then one day I was called to the pool and there were 1,000 water bottles floating in the pool.”

Having her classroom on the pool deck, Pardo refers to it as her space. “It’s home; it’s where I feel most comfortable,” she says. When she gets stressed, Pardo tries to leave it at school instead of taking it home with her. “As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized not everyone is going to pass; I can’t save everyone,” Pardo said.

Walkersville’s students love Pardo and have a lot to say about her.  Bryan Young, senior, says, “Mrs. Pardo has helped many grow and mature over the course of her classes and I’m definitely one of them. She has given me the experience of being one of the important few that help others and simply be rewarded with a good feeling because they know that what they have done matters and if it weren’t for them, a life might have been lost forever.”

Another senior, Jackie Wantz admires Pardo greatly. “Mrs. Pardo is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. She is always there for her students and has helped me so much over the past three years,” Wantz said.

“She teaches you a lot about yourself. She’s just an amazing woman,” says senior, Kayla Steele. Another senior, Keely Parrish is so happy to have met Pardo. “She is amazing! She not only teaches you how to be a lifeguard, but teaches about life in general. It’s an awesome feeling to know that you can save a life,” Parrish said.

Kids also have a lot to say about her Aquatics classes as well. “Aqautics is a really good class and I would suggest that everyone should take it. Mrs. Pardo is a great teacher and she teaches more than the curriculum, she teaches you how to prepare for life,” said sophomore Cieara Schultz.  Sophomore, Lino Aquilarbarron said, “It’s so much fun. And Mrs. Pardo is crazy, but in a good way!”

Students that graduated from Walkersville also had a lot to say about their experience with Pardo. Shelby Smith who graduated in 2012 said, “I took Aquatics in 10th, 11th, and 12th grade because it’s fun and Mrs. Pardo is a great person. Everyone should take her class.” Taylor Spicer, another 2012 graduate said, “I took Aquatics 10th, 11th, and 12th grade. Mrs. Pardo is probably the best person I’ve met in my whole life and she helps you through a lot and is always there for you.”

Katie Storm and Blair Kramer were two graduates from 2013 and they had a wonderful time in Pardo’s classes. “I took aquatics in 11th grade and Mrs. Pardo helps you get out of your shyness and just helps you through everything,” said Storm. “Mrs. Pardo is an inspiration to a lot of people and not only a great teacher, but a good friend,” says Kramer.

Ryan Robert, a junior, says, “The school wouldn’t be the same without her! She has done so much for all of us.”

As for me, Mrs. Pardo has been not only an inspiration to me, but a role model as well. She helped me decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life. I am forever grateful to have been a part of her life as well as a part of the Aqautics experience.

Pardo is always there for her students and she is and always will be a wonderful teacher. Her influence on the school is an incredible addition at Walkersville.