opinion - shely self con
To Be Perfect Is Not Always a Great Goal

opinion - shely self conby Shelby Williams

I need to go on a diet.

I want to look like her.

How come I’m not perfect?

It’s not just a girl thing — everyone feels it, and everyone thinks it. Generations:  ours, younger, older, all blinded by what a society considers beautiful. People, television, social media, each a reason why we’re afraid to be ourselves, while those strong enough to show their true colors are judged, degraded, and discriminated against.

Anorexia, bulimia, just a few given techniques or death sentences used to obtain the “perfect” body image. Little girls wanting to be the sickly thin model that they see walking the runway, so they skip dinner. Boys giving up a love or passion to feel like they fit in, to please peers that aren’t necessarily there for them. And make up, a way to cover up a person’s true self, because no flaw goes un-noticed.

In these days we lack a true key to happiness: self-confidence. No one’s really able to teach it, it’s something that you carry on your own, and something that no one is born with. To reach perfection you can hurt yourself and others, so is perfect positive? Or does it work against you?

Countries fight not only for dominance, for perfection.

Colleges don’t give scholarships out of pity, for perfection.

Practice makes perfect? Practice makes you the best you can be

Stories on the news coming up every day from everywhere, thousands of men, women, teens, kids who have committed suicide due to  bullying, cyber bullying, failure, unacceptance, each just wanting to be someone who is seen differently in the glazed over eyes of many who think they have the slightest thought of what perfection and beauty is.

People turning to drinking, drugs, razor blades to feel something, to forget, to try to escape a world that doesn’t understand. We need to learn. We have come from segregation to legalizing gay marriage. If others in past years have been able to come over the many differences amongst our people then why is it so hard for us now? No one deserves to be compared, to be hated; this is why self-confidence is at an all-time low.  Love others as you would love yourself and I promise everything will get better.