Walkersville Wifi Scheduled to Go Live On February 3rd

by Chris Copenwifi

Starting on February 3rd, Walkersville High School’s wifi infrastructure will officially go live, ushering in a new 21st century learning environment for Walkersville students.

In a recent email, Principal Tracey Franklin said “At this time, we are the ONLY high school other than Catoctin, who piloted the program last year, being given the ‘green light.’”

“I think that it will help students get done projects a lot faster” said senior Giancarlo Sulmonte. Other students agreed, remarking about how they believe that the new wifi network will be able to help students be more productive and create higher quality content for class projects.

The new wifi has also raised many questions such as, how will the people using the network be monitored? How will the wifi be implemented directly into the classroom environment? The administration says they are committed to answering questions about the wifi network.

Only time will tell how the Wifi network will impact learning, but all can agree that the change is a positive thing for Walkersville High students.