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Seniors and Freshmen: Things To Know About a New School Year

features - school - Nadasiaby Nadasia Pettaway

How is entering high school and leaving it so different?

As you’re about to start high school you’re excited, nervous, and ready to learn new things. Freshman class entering is a huge step. No more middle school or combined with your graduating class.

But how do our incoming seniors feel?  Last year in high school graduating, getting things buckled down.

Incoming Freshman- Going to high school can be excited. New school, new friends, new things to learn. But there are a lot of changes compared to middle school. In high school it’s your choice to decide what you want to look forward to in your future. Now there are electives like middle school but those electives in high school can help with with extra credits for college.

Also testing is a huge thing too. You have to pass them to graduate. Good thing they have after school tutoring and practice work. Classes are kind of more in high school than middle school. Colleges look at what classes you took and your grade in it. Also starting off your first year can be hard but it can be fun also, with different events like homecoming, and clubs and sport games.

Incoming Seniors- Being in high school one last time has different emotions. Excited, scared, worried, happy, and ready. Buckling down is serious. Colleges start looking at you in your junior year but you have got to get it done by when senior year ends.

Saying goodbye can be sad and hard but it can be fun also. Prom, senior picnic, graduation– it isn’t that far away. That’s why it’s important to pay attention this year. You don’t want to stay as a senior. You want to go out in the world and experience things.

It can be stressful because you’re getting everything done and your credits completed but working hard and focusing this year, staying after school and joining things can help a lot. And the best thing is you’re leaving knowing a lot of things.

If you’re an incoming freshman or soon to be freshman, don’t be nervous. Just relax. It’s your first year so have a little fun and figure out what you want to do. If you’re an incoming senior just get everything done early and focus on your year. Have fun also. It will be over before you know it.